A cautionary tail **Written in July 2013**

A cautionary tail

A few days ago i noticed my dogs tail had a scrap on it, I didn’t think much of it at the time because i had noticed her itching at her tail a few times and thought it was “no big deal“. I wrapped it in gauze and called it a day.
The next day i had to help my sister move so i left Fluffers (the dog) alone for, i would say a hour or so. When I returned I went to get Fluffers form upstairs and was shocked to say the least to see her tail all bloody! Still not knowing the full details of what was really happening, i phoned the vet and told him what i “thought” had happened he said just to clean the wound and wrap it up again so i did.
Two days go by i continued to change the bandage and put “utter cream” on it, However, something just didn’t seem right. She wasn’t wagging her tail at all “really now thinking and knowing about what was really going on she was not moving the bottom half of it at all“. I phoned the vet again and asked to bring her in just so he could property clean it and have a look at it himself.
He unwrapped the bandage and he knew exactly what had happened. He said “this is not what you think” (obviously)….he went on to say that the blood circulation or something a can’t remember the wording he used but he went on to explain (remember during his hole explanation i am of course having an anxiety attack) he was explaining that the tail must have gotten hit in something and the the tail was dying and that the day I left her alone she was actually trying to remove the tail herself!!  I thought back and remembered hitting her tail by mistake in the door “Everyone who owns a dog with a long tail does this at least once in there life”  He said. That’s all it takes, a simple hit in the door and her tail now need to be amputated or it will die off itself “I am not willing to witness the tail rot away” This Wednesday (July 2013)  little Fluffers will be going in for surgery to have most of her tail removed.

Warning to all you long tailed dog owners:
Make sure you let your dog in the door in front of you! Always check and make sure the tail is not anywhere near the closing door. It doesn’t take much for something like this to happen. Be careful! Or you could face losing your dogs tail along with a 250$ vet bill.

UPDATE, Pictures:

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2 Responses to A cautionary tail **Written in July 2013**

  1. I’m sorry to hear that Fluffers is losing her tail.


    • MerandaRoben says:

      She says thank you for your concern
      Shes doing good now , the surgery went well , she will be getting the stitches out on Monday , I will be posting new photos of her tomorrow


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