Rise to Pro: One Snapshot at a time

all copyright reserved ©  first session

all copyright reserved ©
first session

all copyright reserved ©  first session

all copyright reserved ©
first session

all copyright reserved ©  first session

all copyright reserved ©
first session

all copyright reserved © first session

all copyright reserved ©
first session

Rise to Pro: One Snapshot at a time

This is going to be manly a weekly blog series On my photography career I will be writing about my work in photography everything from the achievements to the mishaps. I am writing this to help my self learn even more from my experiences and so I can look back on them in the future.
I hope you enjoy reading! feel free to give advise/comments I appreciated all feed back. 🙂

I will begin this series with what I have spent majority of my summer doing, Soccer portraits from the Ormstown soccer kids league.
The idea for me doing kids Soccer portraits actually came during the end of my school year, my math teacher Kathleen Hackett volunteers at the Ormstown soccer kids league so we got to talking one day and she thought it would be a good idea if I tried my hand at Soccer portraits so i wrote up some papers and she handed them out at the next soccer meeting.
Summer came and we started up, it was fun working with the kids not easy getting them all to smile but fun non the less.
The first session went great I had good result for my first time do this , it was good weather for portrait taking not to sunny not to cloudy it wasn’t to hot so the kids weren’t all red faced and what not and we got a good responds from parents.
Second session, the weather wasn’t the greatest for photo taking in my opinion it was to sunny but workable to spite the weather I still good results (again I would honestly personal say the results on the first night were better but still they were not bad.)
The third session…well the third session it was sunny hot and the Humidity was high, not ideal weather at all for portrait talking…I suppose if you had equipment such as light reflectors…ect there would be ways around the light damage but i did not have them at the time (actually i just recently found a way to make light reflectors “still need to buy duck tape” but anyway i’m off track..) so the first three team I managed to create good results because there nets were not facing the sun..but he fourth team they were facing directly at the sun which resulted in kids squinting there eye and odd light glow off their red faces. I edited them to the best off my ability but not much could be done about the sun damage, the photos were not horrible but not up to standard so next week I will be doing a free re-shot on that one team. Will up date on that after the fact.
Overall it was a good fun learning experience and would do it again no question asked, the kids were all great (even the few who didn’t listen as well) I got to learn more about angling, printing , proofing…ect. and I have no doubts that from this experience my abilities are even better

All photos are from the first session
Copyright ©


About MerandaRoben

I am a Freelance Photographer... You can contact me by sending me a message on facebook or by email at meranda-roben@live.ca Or call the number on the business card. The best ways to contact me is by calling the number on the business card or sending me a message on facebook. I enjoying doing all kinds of photography but i would have to say street photography is my favourite. I like to photograph events and work in event and family portrait photography, if you would like me to photograph your event or do some family portraits just send me a message or give me a call . I also enjoy writing and i'm going to be working more on my journalism skills. I want to become either a photographic journalist or a documentary photographers. Feel free to check out all my photos and give me feed back. I have been living with Crohn's disease since my diagnosis in April 2012. Through my work I want to be able to bring light to Crohn’s disease and show other’s that it is very possible to live a full happy healthy successful life even with the ups and down’s of this life long disease. I plan to start writing a Monthly blog on my rise to become a professional photographer it will be in titled “Rise to Pro: One Snapshot at a time” That will hopefully begin July 22 2013. By Now most if not all of you are aware that I have a form of IBD. I have one of the two most common forms of IBD, Crohn’s disease. I have recently decided to become an IBD activist in the form of a writing blog and I guess a “in person educator” if you would. I will be discussing everything that goes into my IBD life with this blog and when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING, All the detail of which some would be to embarrassed/scared to discuss in a public form I will write about in hopes that through this I will inspire others With IBD to be more open with them selves and be confident in who they are. It is entitled “My IBD Life.
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