My IBD Life

Bearing in mind that I have Doc  appointment coming up this Friday with my Gastrologist I find it fitting to do a “My experiences in the health care system” entry!  Ready!? OK!

My experiences in the health care system:

So we will start from the beginning before I was diagnosed, Remember in my last entry where I mentioned the afters hours clinic?  (“… .. oh I have a great store about the same after hours clinic  maybe I’ll write that out next time.”) Well its next time!
October 2011 near Halloween I was having lots of pain in my lower esophagus/throat there was a high amount of burning and a few times a day i would vomit some kind of white/yellowish foam , I could not eat anything “besides cheesies for some odd reason” but yes after researcher some of my symptoms online I had a feeling that acid reflex and possibly an ulcer were the causes of most of the pain, I finally decided to go to the after hours clinic During my appointment with the wonderful Mrs Dr.R… I told her my symptoms and the fact of which I believed I had a ulcer Her response, in her B*Tchy know it all voice  was “If you had a ulcer you would know it “. Then she prescribed  me some low-dose  drug for the obvious acid reflex, me not knowing as much as I do now just believed her and went on with my life “shes a doctor right?” so why wouldn’t I?..
About a month later after the drugs wore off it can back so I got more, that went on until around January/February-ish  where I became very much more ill.  I losted at least 30 pounds in a month i could hardly walk from all the joint pain and I would get shortness of breath very easily and I would have a bowel movement at least 10 to 15 times a day “completely liquid” …etc
Those of you without IBD or any chronic illness  you may not be able to understand this but when you are that sick you kind of go into a fog , you don’t really realize  how sick you are … you try and ignore it hoping it will just heal its self. That being said It was in late February that the erythema nodosum started and It was March when I teacher finally said something , she pointed out how I lost all that weight and did not look well so I showed her my erythema nodosum she was freaked out … haha … its not funny but I somehow convinced myself that it was a reaction to flee bites …. yes big giant red lump flee bites… (i’m such a dumb a*s) anyway she made me promise to go to the doctor…
I went back to the after hours clinic , there was a new Man there he saw the erythema nodosum and the discoloration of my skin and sent me stray to the Children’s Hospital “where all the student doc/nurser where quite interested in my erythema nodosum”
I was told that day that the possibilities where
-Some sore a Cancer such as leukemia
-IBD Crohn’s or Colitis
By the end of the day they where like 80% sure it was IBD “Crohn’s Disease”, I was assigned a Gastrologist and booked a colonoscopy along with a upper Endoscopy to confirm the IBD , after the “oscopy’s” the Diagnoses was confirmed that I had MILD to SEVERE CROHN’S DISEASE. Finally a name to the pain!
My doctor at the Children’s was OKay she kind of had a annoying attitude about her and felt it was ok to book an appointment for 2pm and make me wait until 6pm to see her … however at least I was treated … (although I was never scheduled the MRI was was told about … )
My Doctor now is great he makes an appointment and your seen within 20/30 min’s! He hasn’t had to do much for me yet seeing I was doing good and even hit remission but I am going to see him on the 1st This Friday so we will see what he can do!
weighing the good and bad I rank My experiences with the health care system a 50/50 meaning I had equal good experiences as did bad, To me it really all depends on the Doctor you get! 50% are good and know how to assess someone and 50% well just blatantly suck!
so my fair people I hope you all get the good 50% and if not believe in what you feel , you know yourself better then anyone else, you know when something just doesn’t feel right, so keep looking! its worth investigating and being wrong then doing what i did and putting it off till its almost to late!

April 2011  -AKA  the only picture I took of my self from January through out the Flare up till the diagnoses...

April 2012
-AKA the only picture I took of my self from January through out the Flare up till the diagnoses…


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I am a Freelance Photographer... You can contact me by sending me a message on facebook or by email at Or call the number on the business card. The best ways to contact me is by calling the number on the business card or sending me a message on facebook. I enjoying doing all kinds of photography but i would have to say street photography is my favourite. I like to photograph events and work in event and family portrait photography, if you would like me to photograph your event or do some family portraits just send me a message or give me a call . I also enjoy writing and i'm going to be working more on my journalism skills. I want to become either a photographic journalist or a documentary photographers. Feel free to check out all my photos and give me feed back. I have been living with Crohn's disease since my diagnosis in April 2012. Through my work I want to be able to bring light to Crohn’s disease and show other’s that it is very possible to live a full happy healthy successful life even with the ups and down’s of this life long disease. I plan to start writing a Monthly blog on my rise to become a professional photographer it will be in titled “Rise to Pro: One Snapshot at a time” That will hopefully begin July 22 2013. By Now most if not all of you are aware that I have a form of IBD. I have one of the two most common forms of IBD, Crohn’s disease. I have recently decided to become an IBD activist in the form of a writing blog and I guess a “in person educator” if you would. I will be discussing everything that goes into my IBD life with this blog and when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING, All the detail of which some would be to embarrassed/scared to discuss in a public form I will write about in hopes that through this I will inspire others With IBD to be more open with them selves and be confident in who they are. It is entitled “My IBD Life.
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