My IBD life

 Bad news from the GI:

Sorry its been awhile since i’ve posted I’ve been busy! and tired … very tired! we’ll get to that.
When I last posted I wrote that I had a GI (Gastrologist) appointment coming up , yes well I went to that on the 1st as expected it did not go as well as I would of liked, it turned out that the place I was getting my blood work done just “forgot” to do the liver test for 3 months!! You see when you are on certain medications like the one i’m on (purinethol also known as Mercaptopurine or 6-MP) you need to get you blood and liver checked often because they can cause many problems which need to be caught early, so you would think a “professional” blood offices would be able to do there job … I guess not … anyway I got the liver test done at the hospital, I have not heard back from my doctor so I assume it came out relatively normal.
At my appointment I disused with my GI the symptoms I’ve been having he seems to think the 6-MP may not be working for me anymore and told me to monitor my symptoms for another two weeks which I have been doing they do seem to be increasing he said if they do not improve (which they aren’t) I will have to have a colonoscopy again for him to see what the next step should be.
The colonoscopy doesn’t really “scare”  me its the Prep that I dread last time I had to drink a entire  bottle of laxative in two days i believe the brand was Miralax I had to drink it with gatorade  I hate gatorade I don’t really like juice in general only Grape juice and with the prep you can only drink the light color gatorades ewww anyway I’m rambling now, yes okay its been about a week  and the symptoms are not improving.
How about I tell  you about some of them? okay sure I will…
I’ve been getting a lot of stabbing like pain under my ribs , I’m fatigued all the time , It is quit painful at times to “use the toilet” with a good deal of pain and cramping afterwords, I urinate a lot, a lot of joint pain, shortness f breath and my tongue is an odd color which is common with Chron’s flare ups ,  this next one just starting three days ago, my  bowels have been making a lot of internal noises (not farting…I’m a lady 🙂 no but seriously not farting its internal) I mean like its loud! ,I think its gases  moving through my bowls or maybe inflammation causing bloating … I’m not sure.
I’m not in to much pain I’ve had worse during my last flare up however it is increasing so I will give it another week or so before calling to set it up. I don’t want to be putting it off but I can’t miss to much school the prep for the colonoscopy is two to three days alone plus the day of the colonoscopy so that right there could be up to four days of class missed! not to mention this fatigue I’ve been having is messing with my work ethic! I missed the bus the other day Because I made the dumb decision to lay down for one minute after getting ready and ended up sleeping for 2 hours!! in class I’m tired can’t concentrate , its stressful.
Another stressful thing is my health care. After my appointment I went to go pick up a prescription for some “cream” but it turns out I did not have health care coverage anymore, awesome! I called the next day and set up a new plan which only covers 62% of my bills, its better then nothing but I have no money … ever … my rent went up again the same day so this has not been the best week for me. All you can do is move foreword and try to be positive getting all hung up on things you can’t fix will only cause more stress so to all that I say FUDGE IT! …Oh that reminds me I never did get that “cream” …

This is my IBD life I try to not let it get to me because its part of me it will always be.
I will try and update more often if anyone has any questions feel free to ask me, you can comment on here , tweet me or dm me if you want… I love helping others so don’t be shy!
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Ask About My Crohn's Disease

Ask About My Crohn’s Disease


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I am a Freelance Photographer... You can contact me by sending me a message on facebook or by email at Or call the number on the business card. The best ways to contact me is by calling the number on the business card or sending me a message on facebook. I enjoying doing all kinds of photography but i would have to say street photography is my favourite. I like to photograph events and work in event and family portrait photography, if you would like me to photograph your event or do some family portraits just send me a message or give me a call . I also enjoy writing and i'm going to be working more on my journalism skills. I want to become either a photographic journalist or a documentary photographers. Feel free to check out all my photos and give me feed back. I have been living with Crohn's disease since my diagnosis in April 2012. Through my work I want to be able to bring light to Crohn’s disease and show other’s that it is very possible to live a full happy healthy successful life even with the ups and down’s of this life long disease. I plan to start writing a Monthly blog on my rise to become a professional photographer it will be in titled “Rise to Pro: One Snapshot at a time” That will hopefully begin July 22 2013. By Now most if not all of you are aware that I have a form of IBD. I have one of the two most common forms of IBD, Crohn’s disease. I have recently decided to become an IBD activist in the form of a writing blog and I guess a “in person educator” if you would. I will be discussing everything that goes into my IBD life with this blog and when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING, All the detail of which some would be to embarrassed/scared to discuss in a public form I will write about in hopes that through this I will inspire others With IBD to be more open with them selves and be confident in who they are. It is entitled “My IBD Life.
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5 Responses to My IBD life

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  2. You have a tough time…but you’re strong
    Keep up the good work 🙂


  3. Roberta says:

    Hi young lady! Thank you for following me at In Other Words and Pictures.. I look forward to what you share in photo and thought..


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