My very first stool sample

My very first stool sample

I was inspired to write about my first stool sample experience by a post on the Facebook Crohn’s & Ulcerative Colitis Support Site  .Anyways let us begin!

stool sample

Good day IBD family!

Today I am going to tell you a wonderful story about my first visit to the hospital for IBD.

Once upon a time in land far far away (well when you are driving from the country to Montreal in Quebec traffic while having to poo every 10 mins it seems far far away…) Yes Montreal Children’s hospital! We, my sister my father and myself arrived at the M.C.H at about 9am I had a letter note thing from a Doctor at the clinic to be seen fast however we waited…waited then we waited some more , the good thing about waiting at the M.C.H is they have all these fun things to entertain the children , they have TV playing Disney movies (awesome) coloring booking (awesome), if you ignored the fact that you where being coughed on every two mins by kids it was Okay.

Once the first step of waiting was done I saw i nurse whom checked my blood pressure..etc and looked at my Erythema nodosum (EN) , and i was sent to see the first set of Doctor’s down the hall everyone was quite put off by the EN , its usually not a good sign when all the doctor’s in the whole damn building come into the room to look , okay it wasn’t every doctor in the building but likely every doctor in the unit. They all had something different to say “oh this could just be from birth control” “this could be every serious be prepared”..or not saying anything at all,  the looks on the faces were concerning enough.
Now my actual assigned doctor came back to do a wait for it …a prostate exam! “that is when my dad proceeded  to leave the room”. Not my sister, we proceeded to make this as awkward as possible, (It was quite painful i may add with then hemorrhoids and all) anyways after he was finished i said “well that was lovely” and my sister (mariah) said “oh is it my turn!?” the doctor just awkwardly laughed. He left the room and i was lying on the bed with no pants on , we realized finally that my curtain was open a bit, it wouldn’t have been that bad accept; of course right in front of my area was a room full of computers that the doctors worked in , it was full of doctors. They all saw everything, Did you see that? it was  dignity..It went right out the open curtain.
The doctor did some more standard testes, there was one where he told me to band over… 😉 . no seriously he wanted me to bend over to arch my back, my arthritis (unknown at the time) was in full flare so this was literally impossible , we gave up.
He came back again and said I either had a form of cancer ,  lupus or IBD , he followed by saying he thought it was IBD , Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn’s Disease.
Then it was time for blood work, you see my vein’s are very visible. All the time, to everyone. Except to that one nurse! she had the hardest time trying to find a vein she put cold compress on , she tied a that rope thing..I don’t what she was on but even i could see them I’m sure the kid sitting next to me could see them. Right , still not over that. blood work got done then the best part is next!!!
Stool sample!!
I’ll start off by saying I was almost delirious from having diarrhea for a very long time,not eating, being very sick/in pain…
I’m sure you all know what they give you to use for the stool sample, the little container , the shallow bowl, and stir stick to I guess scoop the poo with…
I went into the bathroom , I have an odd fear of locking the bathroom doors so my sister had to stand outside and guard the door. I had no problem pooing it was the whole getting the poo in to the shallow bowl act that was difficult. I managed to get the poo into the shallow bowl then had the dilemma of now getting set poo into the little container. The stir stick was useless due to the fact the poo basically had the consistency of water. I went to stand up from the toilet with the shallow bowl , guess what happened next , yes your right..I SPILLED IT! my diarrhea was now all over the floor of the public hospital bathroom floor. You can image how I’m feeling now, like omg really. How much worse can this day get. Not all of it spilled I still had enough to pour into the little container. I decide to try to clean the shallow bowl in the sink , so now we have poo on the flood and in the sink and my sister is knocking on the door wondering what is taking so long, I tell her what happened which she thinks is hilarious, i clean everything up the best i could with toilet paper, and bring the stool sample to the nurse , the wrong nurse btw (mine got bored must have gotten with waiting for me i guess) whom looked quite grossed out when i handed her the stool, i’ll have to admit i overcompensated on filling the little container, i wanted them to have enough to be thorough in the research!
After that I was done at the hospital, my doctor set up an appointment with a GI for the following day, we went home at 6pm.
The End.
The moral of he store is…don’t be a moron and spill your shit in a pubic bathroom.

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