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ColonoscopyHospital selfie!

March 17th Prep day! Peglyte is the brand of prep I was told to buy… fruit flavor it says! It lied, “this is literally the MOST disgusting thing I have ever drank”, you would think they would at least attempt to make something we have to drink 4 litters of not taste like vomit..HOWEVER! let us proceed. The night before, i got everything ready for prep day , I made the jello…thats it. Honestly thats all i had to do was make jello , lucky enough for me i had my COL schedule for two-weeks prior to the 18th like most things in life it was re-scheduled about 20 minutes before i was about to drink the solution.. ya lucky me. Therefore the peglyte was already waiting for me in the fridge.
I began drinking the solution at 5pm, it as very difficult to drink, the taste was very strong and bitter/heavy feeling, “it was as if i mix baking powder with water”.
Your suppose to drink 1 cup every 10 mins … ya that didn’t happen not at first, it took me an hour to get 3 cups down , i used power aid to help wash it down (note you are not suppose to mix the Peglyte with anything besides water you may however have a drink beside to help.)
After the hour i figured fudge it! stop being a baby and drink the darn stuff!!..I managed to get the rest of the 2 liters down within an hour and a half.
Then it began! i made the foolish decision to go bring my dog out and nearly pooed myself! lovely right? Once the solution kicked in it was back and forth for a few hours then it seemed to calm down, i tried to go to bed but was up all night. The next morning I powered through the remaining two litters ,i drank 6 cups and pooed clear yellow then stopped , “they say you have to drink it all but really once you are pooing clear you can stop. ”
I made my way to the hospital , i was not yet “empty” if you know what i mean so waiting in that waiting room was no fun. not to mention they did not allow me to film!
Then it was time to begin!
the nurse put a IV with sugar-water ,I figure to help with dehydration.
I was getting comments from the nurse and some other patients on how excited i was ,i mean i was a bit nervous but more so for how he drugs were going to effect me , I was looking forward to being awake ad able to really see my colon live not just being told about it afterwards , you know?
One of the nurse’s said “well there as a few people like you out there, i figure these “other people” are IBDers who are more curious to learn more of themselves instead of worrying about pain , 😉 come on we go through more pain then a some pressure and gas for 30 mins of our life, might as well enjoy yourself!
I was given two types of pain killers  versed and GI actually attempted to “begin” before they kicked in, ya not i don’t think so , i said (what you doing back there) he just laughed and said he’ll wait till they kick in , like 2 seconds later BANG!..well BANG! would be an exaggeration,its more like “hey i’m  little dizzy…”
These drug kick in fast , for me i was virtually awake the whole time ,I felt good , i had a wonderful buzz going for a while, even for a few hours after…I should have asked for extra for later…kidding!….maybe. no really kidding :-|..anyway.
I remember everything i was talking and having full conversations with my GI and nurse, this could likely be because i was calm , not very stress therefore my GI did not feel the need to drug  me more.
We began, i’ll admit it was quite painful at the beginning i asked my GI why this was while it was happening he said that my Colon is very curved or twisty in the beginning (or end , however you look at it) , the nurse told me to do some breathing and relax,I do yoga so i somewhat know how to breathe to help relax .. it helped guess.
As he went through my colon he said it was looking very good he pointed out scar tissue…etc as i saw there was no active Crohn’s,  no ulcers no bleeding.
Here look for yourself ..yes i am one of the odd people who ask for picture of the colon. 

IMG_1088mnnSo as you see my Colon looks very good , you can see damage but not severe damage.
My GI says the pain i get could be from the scar tissue its self, he did however say i have a anal fissure ( i already thought that , just saying) but yes the anal fissure is what is causing so bleeding while i wipe.
~”An anal fissure or rectal fissure is a break or tear in the skin of the anal canal. Anal fissures may be noticed by bright red anal bleeding on toilet paper..etc”
Right so all this means i am in clinical remission good yes, not expect because i have not been feel good lately , and still no answer for the Random bruising:
Unexplained bruising We are going to say it is the 6-MP that is causing the bruising , i am getting a test to see if i can lower the dosage of 6-MP , Hopeful on that! Maybe it will help me feel better, we’ll have to wait and see.

In the mean time here is a video from the recovery room,  ( i made my mother sneak me the camera to film somethings) , i hope you enjoy me and anther patient farting.

Colonoscopy recovery room

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