World IBD Day

Dear people without IBD:


Dear people without IBD, these are the things you should NOT say to someone with IBD…

When someone tells you they have IBD don’t respond to them with anything along the lines of “oh ya ya I know exactly what that is, my third aunts twice removed brothers friends sisters kids teachers mother has that….”  Because you look like an idiot.

Don’t say “Ya IBD stands so Irritable Bowel Disorder right…” Because NO just no, it doesn’t, it stands for INFLAMMATORY BOWEL DISEASE!

Don’t tell them what they should and should’t eat

  • “OMG why are you eating that with your disorder”
  • “You should stop eating so much soup”
  • “You need to eat more”
  • “Here try my pork”
  • “Did you try not eating gluten?”
  • “I have IBS its the same thing just follow my diet”
  • “Here have some Nuts, there high in iron”
  • “Don’t eat dairy , thats why you have so much diarrhea” 
  • “Don’t eat so much Veggies”
  • “Eat more Veggies”
  • “Here have some of my Mexican food” 
  • “I read something on the internet that had a list of the top 10 foods you should be eating..just do that” 
  • “I also read the 10 foods you shouldn’t eat, why don’t you ever look on the internet?”
  • “Your sick because your not on the right diet , why don’t you follow the one my third aunts twice removed brothers friends sisters kids teachers mother did?”

Because Firetruck off that’s why , You are not a dietitian nor a nutritionist or my doctor and most importantly you don’t have IBD and know nothing about it! why on earth would you give someone advice or make comments on something you have never heard of? Even if you have heard of it i’m sure you have not done years of research, or any research for that matter because if you have you wouldn’t be making this ignorant comments.

Don’t make comments on our health or appearance 


  • “You don’t look sick”
  • “Are you still sick?”
  • “You look better then you did yesterday” 
  • “How long will you be sick for?”
  • “Is it the Medication or the Disease doing that to your hair?”
  • “At least you can loss weight with this disease”
  • “Are you still going to be sick on Friday?” 
  • “Are you sure your sick? because you don’t look it”
  • “Are you faking this?”
  • “Do you have the flue?”
  • “Do you still have that Crohn’s thing?”
  • “You know that smoking Pot can cure you right?”

We don’t know how long we are going to be sick for k thanks , this is a chronic disease we will have it for life , so yes I still have that Crohn’s thing.
No we may not look sick but inside we are fighting a war , if you could see our inside’s then that’s a different story. Just because we don’t look very sick all the time does not in any way shape or form mean we are faking it , like seriously? come on now.
No pot can not cure us. Nothing can cure us. If there was something out there that was a CURE don’t you think we would all have been cured by now?

Lastly If someone tells you they have IBD then just be supportive, if you don’t know what it is then LISTEN to them , listen to what they are trying to tell you. Don’t sit there thinking of the next thing you want to say because if you are thinking of whatever it is that you want to say next then you are not actually listening jow are you.
We don’t care what you think of us, we don’t care if you have heard of a diet , we get that you are trying to help but if you don’t know what we are talking about then how can you help? Just stop. Listen. If you have something to say that you really feel can help us then say it and let us explain to you why it wouldn’t help , don’t be offended by the fact that we don’t want to try your diet or anything you may have said just hear why its a bad idea.

I hope everyone had a great World IBD Day I hope a lot of awareness was raised!!!


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Click here to Join the awareness video! help break stereo types by showing all the faces of IBD!


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2 Responses to World IBD Day

  1. I’ve had a lot of people try and give me diet tips for my IBD. I’ll figure it out on my own with my food journal thank you very much.


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