Seasonal effects on IBD

How Seasonal changes can effect IBD….

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Winters cold damp weather can lead to more joint pain then you would usually experience during the warmer months. Also, With IBD fatigue is a huge issue, likewise, When you are cold you tend to have less energy add that to chronic fatigue and you are basically running on empty. During the month with below freezing weather where you are experiencing fatigued & have excessive joint pain you tend to stay inside more often add leading to you not get things done and/or being less active which will lead to stress and anxiety which are both triggers for most IBDers.
Also , you are not exposed to the sun as much in winter. Therefore, Less vitamin D. Viruses are more prominent in the winter months add that to you have a suppressed immune system  the risk of you catching a virus is heightened ,which in turn may lead to flare ups.
Stress is higher during the Holiday season , Stress is a known trigger for some IBDers, Also during the holiday season people tend to eat more of things they commonly would stay away from (at holiday parties..etc) in turn the poor diet choice can impact your IBD.

In my personal experience having Crohn’s I do find that i am not as healthy during the winter weather , my arthritis joint pain definitely goes up , i am more fatigued generally in a poor mood with more anxiety. I tend to get a cold and it will last a long time.


Spring allergies season has been thought to impact IBD. My thoughts are if your body is fighting allergies then your immune system is working harder therefore triggering your IBD, also i have recently read that some allergies may trigger a immune response that causes inflammation.
You Know the saying “April showers bring May flowers”? well in our case April showers bring spring arthritis pain!

For me besides all the rain, Spring seems to be on of the better season for my IBD, I personally do not suffer from allergies so i can not give a personal experiences on Spring Allergies and IBD , If you have an experience please share in the comments!


Summer heat plays a big role on health, If you are to hot it will have an impact on how you feel. You could feel more sluggish or fatigued then the regular person ,Someone whom suffers from an Autoimmune disease such as IBD is at a higher risk of getting heat stroke and/or Dehydration. Dehydration is also more common in the summer if you have chronic diarrhea.
High humidity during the summer has an impact on Arthritis Joint pain.
Mental Stress from the heat is noticeable in everyday people , everyone tends to get more irritable when they are hot , so heat leads to stress , stress leads to flare ups.
During the hot months apatite in someone with IBD may be affected. For a person whom already has a hard time eating add heat in to the mix and it can be nearly impossible to eat.
Summer is hard on me , I do not tend to do well in high heat , i get dehydrated easily. I have noticed that i get diarrhea when ever it is hotter out.


Fall is much like spring temperature and Allergies. If you have a hard time in spring you are likely to have a hard time in fall.
Like Winter ,Fall is known for viruses, it is the beginning of the flu season, people tend to get cold’s and what not more often than not.
On the stressful side of things, for those of you in school or college Fall is the beginning of the school year this adds a lot of stress for most people, as we know stress can lead to flare ups.

Personally fall weather wise is not an issue for me. The stress of school during the beginning of fall is tough therefore i seem to go into a small flare during that time.

The evening  I wrote this i took a poll on Some Facebook support groups, I got people to vote on which season effected there IBD the most here are the results

Summer with the heat has the lead , with fall seemingly effecting the voters less than the other seasons. Winter with the cold temperatures is right be hide summer. In my analyses it of the research i did today along with the poll , the two extremes summer heat and winter cold effect the body and mind more so then the calmer temperatured season’s.
I am interested to read more on seasonal changes with IBD, I would also love to here your opinion please comment, share your experience with IBD and seasons!

Here is a poll you can vote on:


Cold Weather’s Impact on Autoimmune Disease

Crohn’s Disease and Seasonal Changes


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  2. This is really interesting. I never thought of how the seasons could potentially affect my IBD.


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