Their Blades Are F***ing Great?

I would like to start off by stating , I have never personally tried these razors.

I know this is not a usual post of mine however i am very interested in marketing/advertising , so i thought  it might be a fun little public critique of this form of advertising..
I received an email asking me to post a video about a brand on my blog, yes like most of you at first i thought SPAM! but i wrote back and the reply didn’t scream SPAM! I wrote back and forth with the person to see if it was a computer generated thing or not, turns out it wasn’t , that being said.. I thought more into it , came to the conclusion that this could be a fun post on marketing.
There are many ways to go about getting your brand or name out into the world today, for a product such as a razor you would likely make a commercial right? yes! but what kind of commercial ? well the marketing people at “dollar shave club” went in the direction of , in my opinion , “shock advertising ” using cuss words as well as a lot of dry witty unexpected humor, which i personally thought was quite entertaining…instead of me attempting to explain the video to you how about you go forth and watch it for yourselves! ….

Now that you have seen the video , let us do some public critiquing in the form of a Q&A Don’t hold back be honest! I know I wont be holding back!

Did you like the video? did it get the point across? or were you confused on what was going on?

I think they did get the point across right in the first 18 seconds. “Mike” starts off but telling us that “for only 1$ a month they send their high quality razors right to your door” intriguing to the view , good. Then he goes on to state “or blades are F***ing Great”  ,straight forward , humoristic , i like it. They intended to show how well their blades work , how they are affordable, that was done. So a yes on that one.

What did you LIKE about the video?

I am a enjoyer of shock humor , I like when there is unnecessary cussing , and throwing of things , I find it amusing, it keeps me interested and makes me want to learn more about the brand.   

Was there anything you did NOT like about the video?

I personally thought there could have been less, meaning I feel the baby holding the razor was a but much,  i get where they were going with that , trying to show us there blades are safe but shock humor or not a baby playing with anything unsafe is not Ok with me. That being said even though i found the rest of the video funny, it did get a bit to jokey for me. 

What do you think of businesses emailing bloggers to do advertising for them?

I think it is a good idea in away , it is a good way for them to get their name out their , however , they should look at the blog before emailing the blogger.  Like I am mainly a IBD awareness blogger , not a product rater , I am interested in marketing but that is not really mention anywhere on my blog therefore , to me it could come off as spamming if they are not careful , i think they should at least read though a few post before emailing any blogger.

After seeing this video , would you order from dollar shave club? yes, No and why

Yes. I would try it out , well not for me because it seems they do not have a line out for female’s whom don’t have facial hair… ( should work on that one guy’s ) but i would purchase some for my father to try out  i mean its cheap , they send them every month right to your door, and hey the video says they are Fucking great plus a man dressed in a bear suit I mean come on! 

Lastly give the video a rating out of 5 ( 5 being the F**ing Great and 0 being the The F**ing worst).

I’ll give the video a 4 out of 5 (..that would be F***ing Ok.)

Here is a link to their website where you can see the video again , look through products and order if you like:

Again, I have never personally tried these razors.  If you have please comment below and tell us all about them. 

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3 Responses to Their Blades Are F***ing Great?

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  2. Kiefer says:

    THIS, made my day. Laughed my ass off.
    I’m signin’ up whether the blades are good or not. “My grandpa had one blade AND polio !”
    LMAO !!!!


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