Oh the Holidays

Oh yes , it’s that time of year again , the time where the weather is cold , the stress levels rise and the food is plentiful ! Not a great mixture for those fighting any type of immune disease.

What should you do to try to have the most happy healthy holiday season possible? here are my three main IBD tips for just that!

I: Impartial , Remain impartial to all situations thus allowing you to stay less stressed out. Example; Holiday shopping can be a nightmare ” trust me i know , i hate shopping of any sort I avoid it like the plague”  However, it is a necessary evil this time of year but if you “try” to remain impartial to all other shoppers you may feel more relaxed. Imagine this,  another shoppers grabs the last princess penny doll right as you are reaching for it! Before you have a complete melt down “try” to remain impartial to the shopper if you were to realize that this person has simply made the same mistake you have AKA: **last-minute shopping** you would feel less of a urge to wrestle set shopper as you shopping buddy grabs the doll and takes off to the cash ,you would see there is no need to go in to a stress induced flare up over a princess penny doll or whatever it is you are looking for , There are many other gifts you can buy and there are always birthdays!

B: Brave, be brave , for example: Know that it is okay to let yourself try some foods at the holiday parties/family gatherings , you should be surrounded with people you know and care about so if you have to run to the bathroom it should be no shock to them and you should feel comfortable doing so. More importantly, be brave enough to not get pressured into trying something you know is not worth the risk , Remember Just because aunt Sue worked all night on the spicy mint orange tarts doesn’t mean you have to try them! you can try to deter yourself from the situation or be straight up don’t be scared or embarrassed just tell them that you can not eat whatever it is they are offering you they should understand and their feelings should not be hurt so don’t stress yourself out over it!

D:  Determined , be determined to stay happy and healthy this holiday season , allow yourself time to breathe , know that is it okay if everything is not done exactly at the right time in the exact right way , Remember the holidays are not all about the planning the gifts the food or the decorations, all that can be changed. The holidays are about being with those who mean something to you , being kind without reason giving thought expectation. Don’t get to caught up with being prefect that you miss the perfection of simplicity.

Happy Holidays IBDers! and have a health filled New year!

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About MerandaRoben

I am a Freelance Photographer... You can contact me by sending me a message on facebook or by email at meranda-roben@live.ca Or call the number on the business card. The best ways to contact me is by calling the number on the business card or sending me a message on facebook. I enjoying doing all kinds of photography but i would have to say street photography is my favourite. I like to photograph events and work in event and family portrait photography, if you would like me to photograph your event or do some family portraits just send me a message or give me a call . I also enjoy writing and i'm going to be working more on my journalism skills. I want to become either a photographic journalist or a documentary photographers. Feel free to check out all my photos and give me feed back. I have been living with Crohn's disease since my diagnosis in April 2012. Through my work I want to be able to bring light to Crohn’s disease and show other’s that it is very possible to live a full happy healthy successful life even with the ups and down’s of this life long disease. I plan to start writing a Monthly blog on my rise to become a professional photographer it will be in titled “Rise to Pro: One Snapshot at a time” That will hopefully begin July 22 2013. By Now most if not all of you are aware that I have a form of IBD. I have one of the two most common forms of IBD, Crohn’s disease. I have recently decided to become an IBD activist in the form of a writing blog and I guess a “in person educator” if you would. I will be discussing everything that goes into my IBD life with this blog and when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING, All the detail of which some would be to embarrassed/scared to discuss in a public form I will write about in hopes that through this I will inspire others With IBD to be more open with them selves and be confident in who they are. It is entitled “My IBD Life.
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