Size , shape and consistency of your poo , what could this be telling you?

What could the relation between Size , shape and consistency of your stool to your health be?

As a follow-up to my Stool color entry I am going to give you a “quick” summary or break down of the seven types of stool , at the bottom of the entry will be all the links to the references I used in writing this entry. I encourage you to check out all of those links **after reading this entry of course** to get a further understanding and clarity of the seven types of stool.


Type 1 stool: This is not the type of stool you want to see often ,It is in the form of Small hard round balls of , which s hard to pass ,There is a low water content in this form of stool , It is uncomfortable to pass some say it may feel “scratchy” during a bowel movement . It causes irritation and/or damage to the anal passage.

The causes of type 1 stool may include side effects of medications such as antipsychotics, diuretics and antibiotics and/or antacids..etc

Or some food may also cause this form of stool . everyone tends to digest food differently but some foods that may cause this form of stool could be , cheese , bread,  grains..etc or a lack of fiber in your diet or even too much fiber if also a lack of liquids is involved, Not drinking a sufficient amount of water daily.
If no resolution is found consult a doctor.

ImageGen (2)
Type 2 stool:  This is also not a healthy style of stool, Is of large size it in the form of a lumpy sausage.The stool has a low water content. This form is a sign that the stool is traveling slowly through the bowel. Constipation is a direct cause of type 2 stool.

This type of stool is very damaging,  it’s size is said to be 3 to 4 cm thick which is the same size or larger then the maximum anal canal opening which is an average 3.5 cm , this stool is very hard and dense from the lake of water. Type 2 stools must be in the colon for several weeks in order to get to this harmful size and consistency , the normal time of stool being in the colon is around 72 hours. This form is of course a very harmful stool for your bowels/anal canal.

Everybody is different but a lack of water is a thing to look into, try new things with your diet and see if this improves your stool , if not consult a doctor.

ImageGen (1)
Type 3 stool: this stool is similar in look and feel as type 2 stool , the differences are that this stool size is smaller “it is not as thick ” and is not lumpy but has a cracked appearance. This stool is said to be in your colon for around 2 weeks , almost all the same characteristics of type 2 tend to apply to type 3 however this type is less harmful do to the fact it is not in your colon as long not giving it the chance to become as large and dense It is somewhat easier to pass , it still requires straining and can cause damage to your bowels/anal canal.

Again , Everybody digestive system is different a lack of water could lead to this form of stool, maybe look into trying new things with your diet if possible , if you can not find a resolution consult a doctor.

ImageGen (3)
Type 4 : This is a good stool , it is like a sausage it is smooth and soft easy to pass. This stool is uncommon for someone with IBD , However , If you have this type of stool you are on the right track! and should share you secret with us in the comments section below.

If you have this stool just keep doing whatever it is you are doing!

 ImageGen (4)

Type 5 stool: This is the ideal stool , this what you should aim for , it is of a Soft blobs with clear-cut edges consistency, it is also unfortunately uncommon for us IBDers  to have this healthy form of stool.

If you have this stool you are lucky because it is easy to pass and should not cause you much to any issues so i say if you have this than DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING!!

ImageGen (5)
Type 6: Now this is more what we are used to in the IBD world , this is a mushy stool in the form of fluffy like pieces with ragged edges. With this type of stool you will have a lot of urgency and feeling of uncontrollable bowel movements , you may become dehydrated.

The cause of this type of stool could be several thing such as:

-stress , people with a high level of stress are said to experience this type of stool much more frequently than those who do not.

– hyperactive colon.

-Sensitivity to foods

-Infections (bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic)

-Medication side effects.

-IBD , IBD its self is a cause of type 6 stool  ,IBD causes swelling of the digestive track which leads to diarrhea. The fact that IBDers can not or have a hard time disgusting most foods and are generally unwell and stressed do to the toll IBD has on us..etc we are likely to get this form often.

To aid in stopping this form of stool you may try asking your GI about trying a anit-diarrhea medication also try playing around with your diet to see if something may be a factor , possibly attempting the elimination diet may be a good choice , The elimination diet is where is extract a food type from your diet for a week or so then try set type food again and see what the results are. (for example take dairy out completely for a week)

ImageGen (6)
Type 7 stool: This stool is also another very common one for us IBDers , it is simply Watery in consistency. It is said that this may be a sign you are actually constipated ,This stool runs along with type 1 stool , you see in type 1 stool no water is absorbed into the hard round ball like stool therefore the remaining water in your bowels as no where to go leading it to be flushed out as is.

refer to Type 1 and type 6 for suggestions 

Here is an image of a stool chart i found on Google images they are a real life images of stool which should simplify you comparing your stool to one of the seven stool types.
sorry if you find this “too graphic”
stool chart , found on google images


Bristol Stool Form Scale


Trusted Therapies

Food sensitivities and intolerances:

Anti-diarrheal Drugs for Crohn’s


If you haven’t yet go check out my stool color entry here:

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Here are two polls one for people who HAVE IBD, Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis called IBD poll! and one for people who do not suffer from either of those two diseases called everyone else! It is very important that you vote on the correct poll, if not we wont be ale to get a rightful understanding of the data.


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