Dr.Phil Has segments on IBD & now Rheumatoid Arthritis!

I absolutely Love how The Dr.phil show has been bringing attention to our invisible disease’s lately!

Last month it was a segment on Ulcerative Colitis featuring a lovely lady named Diane:

Today it was a segment which featured Pam a Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferer!

Did you know that 25% of people with IBD (Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis) will develop arthritis?

My experience: 
I myself do in fact have Arthritis. It is one of the hardest types of pain for me personally to deal with at times.
It is hard to explain the pain Arthritis causes to someone who does not have it. Some say it is at the same level of pain you would feel if you had a sprained or broken bone. “I myself cannot confirm or deny that do to the fact I have never sprained or broken any bone’s in my life. However it does sound accurate.”  The fastest easiest way for me to explain Arthritis pain would be; Intense stiffness , weak feeling joints that are tender to the touch.

IBD & Arthritis go hand in hand . When my Arthritis starts up I know my Crohn’s is not under control.

Although, my Arthritis affects my knees , hand & ankles as well it tends to be the worst in my hips and shoulders.
When my Arthritis is flaring up I have a hard time falling asleep because my hips are in so much pain that I can not find a comfortable position to stay in.
The first time my Arthritis flared up very badly was during a Crohn’s Flare.
I remember walking up in the morning having to rush to the restroom. I quickly tried to get out of bed and stand up, The pain in my hips & knees was unbearable , As I stood up my knees buckled and I went down to my bum , My dog helped my stand back up “she was concerned”. I had to painfully stretch out my legs while trying very hard to hold in my poo. “which if you have IBD you can imagine how difficult that was..it didn’t work btw so there ya have it. Not a great start to the day if i may say so  myself.”
Both IBD and RA tend to be the worst in the mornings for a good number of people so what happened to me is unfortunately not uncommon.

During an Arthritis flare I will also have a hard time lifting anything. Doing everyday tasks becomes a nightmare, Brushing or washing my hair or even my teeth is painful because it is very hard to have my shoulders be lifted or held in those positions for any amount of time.
Just to mention a few, Doing dishes , Writing , typing , cooking, walking my dogs if they pull or even just having to hold the leash is painful.

So many people are Fighting both these disease’s (IBD & RA) I am so very grateful that The Dr.phil show acknowledges the battle we go through and gives it such a huge platform. By him doing that I know that good information and awareness will reach many many people.

Thanks Dr.Phil!!


Share your IBD &/or RA story or experience in the comments below!!

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2 Responses to Dr.Phil Has segments on IBD & now Rheumatoid Arthritis!

  1. fviolette says:

    Thank you Meranda! I have not been diagnosed with RA but I do feel the pain daily… It is a struggle everyday to get up and move… A broken bone does not hurt as much as a sprain or rhumatitis… I broke a finger as a teen and I’m feeling the pain more now than back then… I can even tell you when it will snow! Lol


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