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I know it’s been far to long since I wrote a new entry, That’s due to the fact that I really don’t have the time to do the necessary research needed to write an accurate IBD entry ūüėē & honestly IBD hasn’t really been an issue for me the past few years…I mean other than a few off days as far as I know I haven’t even had a low-level flare-up! I have been dealing with my own personal issues involving “weight & whatnot” that you may have noticed on my other social media accounts, however, no need to be of concern! I can almost positively say that it’s not IBD related! **& will not be speaking about anything other than IBD online.** but other than that my health is in a pretty good place!

Right now I’m just trying to get by. Let me tell you that living alone “well with the two dogs“… trying to manage money working a like 25-30 hour per week retail job is not easy! & very stressful! but such is life right!?

Well just thought I would post a short¬†update and let you guys know that I’m still breathing! Haha here’s a few pictures from the past few years!

img_20150708_120838 img_20150806_204631 img_20170118_212118_873 img_20161229_235348_238 img_20170131_174140_360 img_20170113_190639_897 img_20170110_004530_993 img_20170214_113730_566 received_10208630884389293 received_10208664091299445 received_10208722781286658 fb_img_1485451605198 fb_img_1484860973872 fb_img_1484861002891 fb_img_1477736290344 2017-01-24_18-05-56

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Trusted Therapies- Patient Story: 3 Tips for Newly Diagnosed IBD’ers

shared my story on the wonderful Trusted Therapist website, Check it out then look through the rest of Trusted Therapist educational website!

Patient Story: 3 

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Top 5: Favorite Photo’s I have taken!


My sister

Photo I took of my sister













Vote on you favorite!

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Differences between IBD and IBS:

Now, As you see there are a few similarities between the two, However, Majority of¬†those similarities involve bathroom issues.¬†Those with IBS¬†do not suffer with inflammation where as¬†IBD¬†sufferers do, Inflammation¬†which not only effects the bowels¬†but most of the body everything from eyes to joints. Also with IBD you get¬†Structural Change‚Äôs in digestive track.¬†Most¬†people with IBD will require surgeries where as IBS suffers (generally speaking)…..

via Differences between IBD and IBS:.

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Shout Out To All Gusty Walk Participants!

Shout out to all my IBD friends who attended/Helped out/volunteered at the Gutsy Walk today!
Hope all went well and you made some great connections!
No one can understand what you are gong through more then another IBDer so remember to keep those people close to your heart!
You should all be proud of yourselves, you raised some great awareness and funds for this important cause!
Wish I could have been their walking in unison with you wonderful folks, I will join you next year!

flushing ibd away


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14 days left until the Gutsy Walk!!!

14 days left until the Gutsy Walk!!!
flushing ibd away
If you haven’t yet shown your support to this VERY important cause you can still do so now! Every $ counts!

Facts from CCC:
~1 in every 150 Canadians is living with Crohn‚Äôs Disease or Ulcerative colitis ‚Äď a rate that ranks in the HIGHEST worldwide.
~Families new to Canada are developing Crohn‚Äôs Disease or Ulcerative colitis for the first time ‚Äď often within the first generation!
~Most alarming, the number of new cases of Crohn’s Disease in Canadian children has almost DOUBLED! since 1995.

Help us stop these startling statistics by donating whatever you can afford, Here:

Flushing IBD Away Team Page

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What You Should Know If You Fall In Love With Someone Who Has Crohn’s Disease

Great read , check it out!

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Flushing IBD Away ~ Quebec Gutsy Walk Team Page!

Support this important cause!

My IBD Life

Donate to & Share our Team page to help find a cure for Crohn’s Disease & Ulcerative Colitis!

flushing ibd away

Did you know- Anyone can get IBD!! but it is most commonly diagnosed between the ages of 15 and 25. 10% of those afflicted develop symptoms before the age of 18!

Every dollar you donate will count towards the Crohn‚Äôs and Colitis Canada‚Äôs most ambitious campaign yet. ‚ÄúThe Make it stop. For life.‚ÄĚ campaign:…/Make_It_Stop_For_Life_Awar…

It only takes a few minutes to donate/share But our gratitude will last a life time!

Donate to Flushing IBD Away team page by clicking here.

Try checking out some of my older enteries to get into the donating spirit!

IBD word play

Their IBD Life~Charlene on her son Sam

Their IBD Life~Kiefer Davis

Principal says no to awareness!?!? The Natasha Reilly story

Their IBD Life-Francine Violette

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Seasonal effects on IBD

My IBD Life

How Seasonal changes can effect IBD….

Photo from Google Photo from Google

Winters cold damp weather can lead to more joint pain then you would usually experience during the warmer months. Also, With IBD fatigue is a huge issue, likewise, When you are cold you tend to have less energy add that to chronic fatigue and you are basically running on empty. During the month with below freezing weather where you are experiencing fatigued & have excessive joint pain you tend to stay inside more often add leading to you not get things done and/or being less active which will lead to stress and anxiety which are both triggers for most IBDers.
Also , you are not exposed to the sun as much in winter. Therefore, Less vitamin D. Viruses are more prominent in the winter months add that to you have a suppressed immune system  the risk of you catching a virus is heightened ,which in turn may lead to flare ups.
Stress is higher during…

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Message from Tommy

Tommy says if he had a bank account he would donate to the Gutsy Walk!

The Gutsy Walk is a Walk organized by the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation Canada
The Walk is held every year all over Canada to raise Awareness and money for these awful & misunderstood disease’s.

For the second year in a raw Myself and my support group  have signed up our team for the Walk! And we need help in reaching our goal of 1000$ by June 7th!

Donate to Flushing IBD Away team page by clicking here.

Donate to Flushing IBD Away team page by clicking here.

Donate to Flushing IBD Away

Every dollar you donate will count towards the CCC’s ” Make it stop. For life.‚ÄĚ campaign!

If you are confused and/or do not know much if anything at all about IBD then continue reading these few paragraphs where i will elaborate on IBD.

IBD stands for Inflammatory Bowel Disease which is a grouping of two Disease’s , Crohns Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.

A lot of very very mislead and misinformed people have the ridiculous belief that IBD is the same thing as IBS which is so far from the truth for soooo many reasons:

IBD = Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohns Disease & Ulcerative Colitis)

IBS = Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Check out my entry called Difference between IBD and IBS  

Watch this wonderful video created but Dr.Mike Evans explaining what IBD really is:

The general public also has the misconception that all people with IBD do is go the bathroom a lot. This is also WRONG! Even tho Bathroom issues are a very really factor for everyone with CD or UC ,IBD effects pretty much every part of the body ,it is impossible for someone without IBD to ever full understand the impacted IBD has on one’s life.

For example, did you know that 25% of people with IBD (Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis) will develop arthritis?
for more info on that take a look at my entry: Dr.Phil Has segments on IBD & now Rheumatoid Arthritis!

It is hard for people to understand that IBDers are suffering because IBD tends to be an invisible illness , watch this video by the amazing Sara Ringer ( @Sara_Ringer )

FAST FACTS directly taken from the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation Canada:

>1 in every 150 Canadians has IBD (0.7% of the population).

>An estimated 5,900 Canadian children have IBD.

>IBD is more than twice as common as multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease; about as common as Type I diabetes or epilepsy.

>There is no cure for IBD ‚Äď patients require regular medications to manage their IBD, even during periods of remission, with additional medications needed during flare-ups; when this fails, surgery is often required.

>IBD is a lifelong, chronic disease, usually starting in early adulthood in otherwise healthy, active individuals.

>People with Crohn’s disease are 47% more likely to die prematurely than people without IBD.

>People with IBD have an increased risk of colorectal cancer.

>IBD causes significant non-financial costs to both patients and their families. Quality of life in IBD is low across all dimensions of health, compared to the general population.

>IBD severely impacts quality of life through ongoing debilitating symptoms, reduction in ability to work, social stigma, management of bathroom access issues, difficulty with physical intimacy, loss of leisure time, and limited choices of career, travel and other personal options.
Check out this link for those and more FAST FACTS:
FAST FACTS: The Impact of IBD in Canada 2012

Now that you have a better understanding of what IBD is I hope you consider donating to the Gutsy Walk!
Remember every $ counts in the fight to find a cure! If all you can afford to donate is 10$ then that is fine and if you can not afford to donate anything at all then we understand All we ask is that you to pass this message on by share this entry and/or sharing the link to our Team page!

Donate to Flushing IBD Away team page by clicking here.

Thanks so much!!

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